Vote Compass Youth Edition

For years, Québec teachers have asked for a student-friendly resource to help students explore political issues and perspectives. This is why CIVIX-Québec partnered with Vox Pop Labs to develop a youth edition of their popular Vote Compass tool for Québec students.

The Vote Compass Youth Edition is an interactive tool, offered during and between elections, to help young people familiarize themselves with Québec’s political issues and ideological positions, and find out where they fit on the political spectrum. The platform includes background information and definitions to help students better understand the issues before considering their own political views.

CIVIX-Québec has developed supplementary resources to support the learning and discussion, including a lesson plan with a variety of activities and extended learning options, as well as an animated video and handout to review the political spectrum.

Teachers are also invited to sign up for a class code so that they can receive a detailed report about their class’ results and how they compare to students throughout the province. This statistical analysis will include a breakdown of the results by demographic (i.e., gender, age, region). Please note that no personal data will be collected.

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Download the lesson: Vote Compass Lesson