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Student Vote

Coinciding with government elections, students under the voting age learn about government and the electoral process, research the parties and platforms, discuss relevant issues and cast ballots for the official election candidates. The results are shared with the media for broadcast and publication following the closing of the official polls.

Student Vote is a parallel election program that began in 2003 with the Ontario provincial election and coincides with municipal, provincial / territorial and federal general elections. Since 2003, CIVIX has organized 37 Student Vote projects: 5 federal, 21 provincial, 5 territorial and 6 municipal. In total, the Student Vote program has reached over 10 thousand schools and 4 million students across Canada.

In partnership with Elections Canada, Student Vote will be organized for the federal election of 2019 from coast to coast to coast. The Student Vote Program Involves Four Key Steps:

  1. Register your school: The program is open to all schools and there is no cost to participate. Click here to register.
  2. Receive materials: Registered schools are supplied with print and online pedagogical materials, posters and election supplies.
  3. Engage with the campaign: The activities are intended to inform students about government and the electoral process, encourage research into the candidates and issues, and foster dialogue among students and their families.
  4. Student Vote Day: Students take on the role of deputy returning officers and poll clerks, and cast ballots for the official election candidates. The results are tabulated and shared publicly after the close of the official polls.

An independent evaluation commissioned by Elections Canada reports that the Student Vote program is having a significant impact among students in the key areas associated with future voting, as well as increasing the engagement of families in the election.

Website: https://studentvote.ca/canada/