Pollenize was created in the lead up to the 2018 Québec provincial election and is the result of a lengthy research process undertaken to provide an accessible understanding of political positions. CIVIX-Québec is proud to have worked with different partners on this project to launch a unique tool that allows users to compare the commitments of each Québec political party.

The seven main political parties’ platforms were closely analyzed to give the public and students access to information. The online tool allows site users to compare the electoral commitments of different political parties. Finally, users are able to keep track of their preferred political stances with the help of a starred ranking system.

The commitments of each party are organized by themes, such as education, the economy, the environment, culture and identity, and a ‘wild card’. Furthermore, the website offers a short biography of each party leader.

CIVIX-Québec is proud to have established a partnership with Impact campus, the Chaire de leadership en enseignement des sciences sociales numériques and for its collaboration with Ygreck.

Please click here to access the website.