News Literacy

The News Literacy Kit is a free, turn-key program to help teachers educate their students on 21st century issues related to information and social media. This program aims to help students develop a critical view of online media and information. CIVIX-Quebec seeks to help students develop the necessary tools to address the “fake news” phenomenon. This approach aims to foster and diversify students’ media consumption habits as well as improve their understanding of the role of journalism. Within the wide range of topics covered, lessons cover the workings of our media, the leaders’ debate, search algorithms and fact-checking. Lessons are adapted for Elementary and Secondary levels.

In order to create a custom-made program adapted to the province of Québec, CIVIX-Québec teamed up with different partners from the media, educational, and academic spheres . Our ultimate goal is to provide students the necessary tools to proficiently research and filter online information.

The CIVIX-Québec team has developed an educational program adapted to the Québec context with the support of Google Canada. NewsWise has been tested during the Spring 2017 semester. We have since been working with teachers to refine the materials.  

The program will be available year-long. The themes covered are as follow: journalism, news, internet, fake news and verification skills. Our suggested activities are interactive and include videos and handouts. Students are invited to develop their reading and oral communication skills as well as their critical thinking skills.

To access the website of Newswise, we invite you to visit the