News Literacy

News Literacy is a free program that helps teachers educate their students on issues related to media and digital literacy. The resources designed by CIVIX are intended to help students become familiar with the basic principles of digital literacy. The aim is to encourage students to ask the right questions when they are surfing the Web and to build the habits and skills necessary to filter through information effectively. This program also aims to diversify the media consumption habits of students and improve their understanding of the role of journalism in democracy.


Resource overview:


In a democratic society, access to quality information is essential. As the choices we make and our opinions rely on the information we have available, the ability to locate trustworthy sources allow citizens to make informed decisions. 



What is journalism and why is it important? Students review the role of journalism in democracy and learn how to analyze newspaper articles using an electoral scrapbook.



To discuss issues related to online information, such as the significance of framing in media, misinformation and disinformation, students look at various case studies inspired by current events.



Using a hands-on activity that analyzes the effect of personalized and polarized newsfeeds, students discover the links between the information they consume and the decisions they make.



With the incredible amount of false and misleading information circulating online, the ability to distinguish what’s true has become an essential skill. CIVIX offers various videos and activities to help students navigate the information they see online. 



Can you tell what’s true online? In FakeOut, an interactive activity that simulates a social network, students learn and practice simple online verification techniques.



This COVID-19 themed module was designed to help students strengthen their immunity against viral disinformation. Through video tutorials and hands-on exercises, students develop essential skills to help them verify information online.

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All of our resources are free and available in English and French. Most of the resources were designed for high school and CEGEP students, but some were also adapted for elementary students. To access all of the resources, register at the following address: