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News Literacy

News Literacy helps teachers educate their students about media and digital literacy. This program aims to help students develop a critical view of the media as well as the tools they need to effectively search and filter information online. The lessons also aim to diversify students’ media consumption habits and improve their understanding of the role of journalism in a democracy.

The themes covered are as follows:

Informed Citizenship

Using a hands-on activity that analyzes the effect of personalized and polarized news feeds, students discover the connections between the information they consume and the decisions they make.


Online Verification Habits

Can you tell what is true online? In FakeOut, an interactive activity that simulates a social network, students learn and practice simple online verification techniques.


Questioning Images 

Students use a  framework to analyze images from a variety of sources and to explore ways in which political campaigns, the media and individuals use images to influence public opinion.


Journalism in Democracy

What is journalism and why is it important? Students review the role of journalism in democracy and learn how to analyze newspaper articles using an electoral scrapbook.


Our suggested activities are interactive and include games, videos and handouts. All the materials are free and available in English and French for Elementary and Secondary students.

To access all of our materials, please visitnewsliteracy.ca