Our Programs

The programs developed by CIVIX-Québec address a wide range of topics and basic political concepts and meet the curriculum outcomes of various courses at the elementary and secondary levels. The proposed activities cover four main themes: elections, government budgets, elected representatives and media literacy. Teaching resources are offered at no cost to educators in Québec.

CIVIX-Québec uses real life event as opportunity to educate students through the development of educational resources that create authentic learning situations and place them at the center of their learning. The resources offered by CIVIX were developed in collaboration with teachers. Rather than using textbooks and abstract theories, students learn about real issues through concrete experiences.

Our programs can be used in different courses such as history, geography, English, French and financial education and respond to several cross-curricular competencies.

Student Vote

Coinciding with government elections, students under the voting age learn about government and the electoral process, research the parties and platforms, discuss relevant issues and cast ballots for the official election candidates. The results are shared with the media for broadcast and publication following the closing of the official polls. Student Vote is a parallel election […]

Democracy Bootcamp

CIVIX’s Democracy Bootcamps are professional development conferences that aim to give elementary and high school teachers the necessary tools to talk about democracy in their classrooms. Bootcamps were successfully organized in Quebec in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. These conferences are the perfect opportunity for teachers from all over Quebec to exchange on the best […]

Rep Day

The Rep Day program brings Members of the National Assembly and Members of Parliament in Québec into classrooms for an engaging discussion on their role as an elected representative and current political issues. The goal is to establish a dialogue between elected representatives and their young constituents as well as to dispel trivial stereotypes of […]

Student Budget Consultation

The Student Budget Consultation program provides high school students with an opportunity to learn more about the Government of Quebec’s revenues and expenditures, its public policies and any pressing political and economic issues. Students are asked to share their insights on priorities of the upcoming provincial budget through a survey, and results are shared with […]

News Literacy

The News Literacy Kit is a free, turn-key program to help teachers educate their students on 21st century issues related to information and social media. This program aims to help students develop a critical view of online media and information. CIVIX-Quebec seeks to help students develop the necessary tools to address the “fake news” phenomenon. […]


Pollinise was created in the lead up to the 2018 Quebec provincial election and is the result of a lengthy research process in order to provide an accessible understanding of political positions. CIVIX-Quebec is proud to have worked with different partners on this project which led to the online launch of a unique tool that […]

Vote Compass Youth Edition

For years, Quebec teachers have asked for a student-friendly resource to help students explore political issues and perspectives. This is why Civix-Québec has partnered with Vox Pop Labs to develop a youth edition of their popular Vote Compass tool for Québec students. The Vote Compass Youth Edition is an interactive tool, offered during and between […]