Student Vote 2019 7 November 2019

Student Vote is a parallel election program that gives young people under the age of 18 the opportunity to learn about democracy and the electoral system and put their knowledge into practice. In order to achieve this, they research the parties and their platforms, discuss current events, and vote for official candidates during the elections. […]

The first Democracy Bootcamp of 2019 in Quebec City 16 April 2019

On March 21st and 22nd, more than 75 teachers from across the province met in Old Quebec for the first Democracy Bootcamp of the year. The event focused on the threat of misinformation and disinformation, as well as the Student Vote program that will be held during the upcoming federal elections. On the Thursday evening, […]

Rep Day – Ressources 26 October 2018

We have prepared lesson plans for elementary and high school teachers for the visits of members of the National Assembly and members of Parliament. The lesson plans recommend that you take a one-hour period in class to prepare for the visit and another to review and debrief the visit. They contain videos and activities that […]

Job opportunity : Project coordinator 26 June 2018

BACKGROUND: CIVIX is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to building the habits of active and engaged citizenship among youth under the voting age. CIVIX works with teachers to provide authentic learning opportunities that allow students to practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens and foster a connection with their democratic institutions. Rather than learning about […]

Democracy Bootcamp, at the heart of our Parliament 20 April 2018

Last April 12thand 13th, teachers from all across Quebec gathered in Quebec City for the Democracy Bootcamp. This event was an opportunity for 70 teachers to think about the best practices to teach how our political system works and globally how our democracy works. The Bootcamp was a place for the teachers and by the […]

Invitation to the 2018 Democracy Bootcamp 3 April 2018

What is the Democracy Bootcamp? Democracy Bootcamp is a professional development conference for social studies teachers designed to improve their ability to and confidence in talking about democracy, politics and government issues in their classrooms. This engaging and interactive conference offers teachers the opportunity to improve their democratic engagement, share best practices with other participants […]

Quebec Student Budget Consultation results 23 March 2018

Quebec youth on Budget 2018: Confident about job prospects, but concerned with environment, education and income inequality. The next generation of Quebec taxpayers have provided their insights and opinions on the major issues that are likely to be featured in this year’s budget. The results show that Quebec students, by and large, want more government […]