About us

CIVIX-Québec is a non-partisan charity organization dedicated to building the skills and habits of active citizenship among students. Our vision is based on an observation shared by many; electoral participation among young adults is much lower than in any other age groups. To reverse this trend, CIVIX-Québec uses the education system as a springboard to reach students under the voting age, so they develop the key skills and knowledge to become engaged citizens and actively participate in a stronger and more inclusive democracy. It is with the help of educators and schools that CIVIX-Québec can engage these students in the political process.

To better meet the needs of Quebec teachers, CIVIX Canada established a Québec division in 2017. Its mandate is to create new programs specifically targeting Quebec schools to inspire strong and inclusive young people ready to contribute to their communities. The CIVIX-Québec team aims to support educators in the noble and important task of teaching democracy.