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Democracy Bootcamp, at the heart of our Parliament 20 April 2018

Last April 12thand 13th, teachers from all across Quebec gathered in Quebec City for the Democracy Bootcamp. This event was an opportunity for 70 teachers to think about the best practices to teach how our political system works and globally how our democracy works. The Bootcamp was a place for the teachers and by the teachers and where they could share their reflections. The attendees came from various school; secondary and primary, private and publics, francophone and anglophone and shared their vision and their best pedagogical approaches in class.

The themes were vast and were covering large issues. They were touching the upcoming elections, electoral campaigns, political communication, civic education programs, the crisis lived by the media, media literacy and fake news. The attendees returned home with a lot of ideas and a broad list to teach democracy and so their students could become active and engaged citizen.

Speakers from various sectors came and shared their knowledge with the teachers. There was notably Colette Brin (Université Laval), Alexandre Boucher (Le National), Jean Crête (Université Laval), Patricia Cloutier (Le Journal Le Soleil), Pierre Ried (Directeur général des élections du Québec) and Ève Beaudin (30 secondes avant d’y croire). Teachers that took part in CIVIX-Québec previous programs share their experiences. CIVIX-Québec is more than thankful to all participants that came and took some of their time to come and discuss about democracy with us.

CIVIX-Québec is going to organize other Democracy Bootcamp on an annual basis in the years to come, if you are interested into taking part in an upcoming Democracy Bootcamp send an email to [email protected]or if you know somebody that could be interested share this information with him. It’ll be a pleasure to talk about democracy with you in 2019.